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Procedure to obtain Duplicate Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate is one of the most vital documents for any person living in the US or any other country. Losing your birth certificate might become disastrous, as you always need it throughout your life while moving forward with numerous tasks. However, if you have lost your original birth certificate, and are in dire need of a copy for any purpose, do not panic. You can now quickly get a duplicate birth certificate through our accessible and streamlined services.

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Why Do You Need a Birth Certificate?

There are many instances in life when an authority might demand for you produce your birth certificate. A birth certificate is proof of one’s age, status, citizenship, and complete identity. If you are a US citizen, you might need it in many cases in your life such as getting a passport or any other vital document.

For people who are trying to get a Green Card in the US, having a valid birth certificate is mandatory. In fact, the authorities demand the birth certificate of the Sponsoring relative and the member of the family asking for a Green Card.

Losing your birth certificate while shifting or depreciating of paper can thus be an issue of grave concern. In such a case, it is important for you to get a duplicate birth certificate. Thanks to our services, you can now do this by simply filling up a form and reaching out to us!

How Can You Get A Duplicate Birth Certificate?

Based on your country of birth and nationality the procedure to get a duplicate birth certificate is mentioned below.

  • If you were born in the US

If you were born in any province of the United States, you need to visit the vital records office of the respective state, county, or territory. There, you need to request a copy from the person responsible for handling vital documents and pay the required fees. You can also request them to provide you expedited service so that you can receive the copy quickly and at your doorstep.

  • If you are an American born abroad

If your birthplace was not American but your parents are American, they might have registered your birth with the US embassy or consulate. In these circumstances, you get a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CBRA), whose copy you can obtain from the US Department of State. However, if you were born in a foreign military base, you need to ask for the papers from the military hospital where you were born.

  • If you were born abroad but adopted by US Parents

If you were born in some other nation but were adopted by US nationals, you will not have a US birth certificate. Consequently, you cannot get a duplicate birth certificate from the government. However, you will have the birth certificate of the country you were born in, whose copy will be available at the nearest foreign embassy. You can also get the copy translated if it is not originally in English.

Get a Duplicate of Your Birth Certificate Today!

If you have lost your birth certificate, do not wait till the problem is exaggerated. Instead, get a duplicate birth certificate today, simply by filling out this easy form attached below. Our team will provide you with swift and prompt service at your doorstep, so that you can use your birth certificate for anything, throughout your life.

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